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TOS and Policies


Web Development TOS

With Ways Transparent Policy : The Quality Granted Because All What we see you can See, Also Delivering the “Source Code Is Must”

Domain Name Protection: after registering the domain name for you, We request that to have all your Domain names under your registration also we handover it all for you.

Data Protection: Don’t Worry about your website security with us because We’re adding extra security batch for you to detect any suspicious user behavior .

Digital Marketing Activates Plocies

DesignWays: Not only a Marketing Firm we’re also a Success Partner , So Everything we do you have all rights to see thanks to our Transparent policy Even the Media Buying Spends and Targeting.

For Clients Who are enjoying Unlimited your Way Packages , No need to worry about your Marketing Departments because we got your back All you need is to send us your request 48 hours prior the Deadline and Consider it done .

Data Protection and NDAs

DesignWays Protects the Confidentiality of its Clients, So Don’t worry about your data we got your back , you’re in a safe hands

Refunding Policy

Down Payment related

Whenever you pay your down payment, Don’t worry we got started the project as fast as we can to support you, so If you didn’t like what we provided there’s no need to worry will keep edting till it matches your expectations , but if you just changed your mind we consider the down payment is a Penalty after 30 days of working on the project.

30 Days Money Back Grunted

Every Client just get worried about there down payments, the first 30 days working with us called a trial for each other , so within this 30 days if we didn’t match your expectations, you can get back 50% of your payment sum also you can keep all of the work we have delivered for you .